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01 Jul Tyler & Jess

I met Tyler 4 years ago when we began working on the World Domination Summit team together. He is has a popular blog Riskology, where he inspires his readers to lead a more adventurous life. One adventure he decided to take part in was entering...

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02 Jan Amsterdam, London, Barcelona, Rome

I am finally mentally ready to share our last adventure with you. If you read my last post, you know that this trip was filled with some interesting circumstances and hardships. We had theĀ privilegeĀ of being in New York during Hurricane Sandy, got sick in Amsterdam,...

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05 Dec Patience. Failure. Lessons.

The following was written on November 10: "Wes and I shoot events for entrepreneurs/business coaches, in fact, that is what took us to New York. We were shooting/filming an event for Marie Forleo, a brillant female entrepreneur who is inspiring women to dream bigger. At these events...

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22 Oct Maine

I once was reading an article about husbands and wives who work together. Yes, there is a whole world of us who spend 24/7 with our spouse (and I happen to be one of those who love it!). The author recommended taking a vacation once...

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09 May Aki & Aya

I am finally to the last blog of our trip.. and to the whole reason we planned the trip to begin with! When Wes Wages arrived for the first time at his dorm at UNA he noticed the names on the front door Akihiro Seishiro (another Japanese name they...

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27 Apr Love. Loyalty. Freedom.

  We walked into the entrance and it took my breath away. My brother-in-law, Chris, has had his far share of travels (he will have visited every country in the World by next April) and he knew the exact hotel we would need leaving the...

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11 Apr Chiang Mai, Thailand

I am currently sitting here blogging beneath a canopy of trees, watching two elephants interact with each other in a way I have never seen animals act. I am so full of joy I could just sit here and cry. But if I cry,...

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31 Aug Love. Killarney, Ireland

This day was amazing. Truly. I think this is a great blog post to explain some things. Sometimes people question Wes and I about why we travel. What is it? Well, we love the adventure, the scenery, the new experience. But for us, it is...

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31 Aug The Dingle Peninsula

When planning our trip, one word we kept hearing over and over again was Dingle. Everyone said, "Are you going to Dingle?" And I can see why. This was the perfect day trip from Killarney, and such a romantic drive. It felt like I was...

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