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Yuki & Yuka


When Yuka messaged me about doing her engagement photos, I immediately got excited. I will be totally honest, I am absolutely fascinated with the Japanese culture…. and think that Japanese girls are the cutest alive. So needless to say, I got really excited! Meeting Yuki the day of the session, I could tell he was a little [...]

Mary & Brad… & Landan ;)


When I received an email from Mary about us potentially shooting her wedding, I will admit… I did a happy dance. Mary and I have had mutual friends through college and I have seen her/heard about her for quite some time. You know those people that you always want to get to know, but are [...]

Adam & Valerie


I am so excited to start back blogging about our couples again. I couldn’t think of a better session to start with! Wes & I shot this couple 3 days before we flew across the big pond. And we loved every minute of it. Every shot we took made me want to sing…. but lucky [...]

Josh and Jenny


I don’t remember exactly the first time I met Joshua Daily, I am sure it was in 7th or 8th grade when we were all insecure and bashful. Only Josh never came across as that type. He is the loudest in any room, his charisma can still a show in a heartbeat, and his high maintenance ways, [...]

Abraham & Susan


Anytime one photographer shoots another photographer, it is a little nerve wrecking…. but when you are shooting a photographer that you highly respect, it is totally earth shattering in the nervous sense and in the awesomeness level. The week Wes and I spent in Las Vegas, we got to photograph two photographers who we love [...]

Aubrey & Derek


I could easily say that Aubrey Peterson is the most thoughtful human I have ever met. Yup. She is. And she has a lot of competition, I have met a lot of thoughtful people…. but she takes the cake. (kind of literally with her cake pops she shared with us during this shoot) I got [...]

Will you…


I couldn’t think of a better post to share with you today. The day of love and romance. Alex asked Allyson, “will you marry me?” and through a tear covered hand over her mouth, she said yes. This is one of the happiest proposals I have ever seen. So So full of joy, love, and [...]

Anna & Jeremy


THIS is why I love Anna and Jeremy so much. The two photos that surround this paragraph are the reason I do what I do. Happiness. Love. Excitement. Mouths truly in pain from smiles so big. In my wedding vows to Wes, I said to him that I cannot wait for us to get old [...]

Courtney & Brentley


This couple is as sweet as anyone I have ever met. We finally got to do their engagement session after rescheduling for rain 5 times… and finally the sun came out. And it was worth it. Wes and I enjoyed getting to know both of you so much and we cannot wait for your wedding. I know [...]

Lauren & Adam


When I say that I love a couple, I truly mean it. The weekend of this wedding was truly a whirlwind. Wes & I, with the company of 2 of our close friends, drove down to Jacksonville, Fl through the night and arrived Thursday morning about 4 am. We slept in the RV in a [...]

Hart & Colten


This is the easiest shoot I have done in a long time. This couple being with each other seemed as natural as them breathing. The two of them just fit. It was amazing. I loved every single second. Typically at the beginning of the shoot, I tell couples it is ok if they feel awkward [...]

Joseph & Breanne. Waterloo, Alabama


When I met Joseph Thigpen, I was a freshman in college working for his Dad. When he came home for the holidays/summer, he would work the shop and was always hanging around. He spend the last 30 minutes of his work day usually in my office making fun of me for being a ballerina or [...]

Leigh Carl & Tyler


I have wanted to photograph Leigh Carl since the day I met her. Actually, lets back up. Leigh Carl & I both went to UNA, and for about a year, I heard her name probably once a day from various people. Everyone was talking about Leigh Carl. The thing that I realized, was that no [...]

Erin & Alex. Cane Creek Canyon, Alabama


OH MY GOODNESS!!!!! Screaming with pure Joy on the inside that I can FINALLY blog these gems! Many of you have been following, but those of you just tuning in. Alex and Erin are our winners for Shoals Perfect Wedding…. which is exactly what it sounds like… haha. This couple entered a contest in January [...]

Morgan & Nick Lexington, Alabama


Almost 2 years ago, Wes & I had the opportunity to shoot Morgan’s sister’s wedding. During that time, we had the chance to meet her family & friends & fall completely in love. So, when we got the email that Morgan was engaged, we were beyond ecstatic to have the chance to shoot it! We feel honored [...]

Lauren & Josh Florence, Alabama


This couple met when they least expected it. Lauren & Josh have finally met the one person who is their helpmate for life. I could not be happier for these two. Lauren & I became friends 5 years ago, and seeing her glow the way she does around Josh makes me so happy. She has [...]

Ana & Holly Florence, Alabama


I love being able to blog about my brides and being able to tell you about them knowing how amazing they are. I feel like I have been blessed to know such wonderful people. Ana is one of those people. She is one of the ones that makes me so lucky to have a job [...]

Courtney & Lance. Lawrenceburg, Tn


I have never cried in a client meeting… until I met with Courtney. When I have the first contact with a potential bride, I always am curious to how they heard of us. When I got the email saying that Courtney had seen us on America’s Funniest Video, and then found us online… I will [...]

Casey & Ashton. Moorseville, Alabama


In 3rd grade, Casey Stafford stood above the rest of us. He was probably a foot taller than anyone else in my class… and it stayed that way until high school. Now 15 years later, he stands next to his bride, hovering a foot taller, engulfing her tiny body in his big hands. It is [...]

Eun & Jonathan Birmingham, Al


It all started at CVS (or maybe Walgreens… humm..) well, either way, that is where is started. Eun and Jonathan were both working for a pharmacy while working towards their degrees. Jonathan noticed Eun immediately… but it wasn’t so immediate for her She finally agreed to a date, and they have been head over heels [...]


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