Armosa Studios | 2012 January
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January 2012

31 Jan Anna & Jeremy

THIS is why I love Anna and Jeremy so much. The two photos that surround this paragraph are the reason I do what I do. Happiness. Love. Excitement. Mouths truly in pain from smiles so big. In my wedding vows to Wes, I said to him...

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23 Jan LauraLee & Matt

I can't say there are many brides I would be overly happy to drive through the night to get to. I love my sleep. I love it a lot. But when I meet Lauralee & Matt I knew they were worth driving over night, swimming...

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20 Jan Adam & Lauren

  I think I had goose bumps the majority of the morning of this wedding day. It started with a text message early that morning, “Hey, what do you want from Starbucks? I’ll get it” The bride asking ME what I want??? Best way I have ever...

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19 Jan Lauren & Adam

When I say that I love a couple, I truly mean it. The weekend of this wedding was truly a whirlwind. Wes & I, with the company of 2 of our close friends, drove down to Jacksonville, Fl through the night and arrived Thursday morning about...

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15 Jan Hart & Colten

This is the easiest shoot I have done in a long time. This couple being with each other seemed as natural as them breathing. The two of them just fit. It was amazing. I loved every single second. Typically at the beginning of the shoot, I tell...

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03 Jan Happy New Year.

For two days, I have been trying/wanting to do a blog recap of 2011. Such a fabulous year. So here we go. A proper goodbye. The year started with a wedding that reminded me of why I even do what I do. The bride warmed my...

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