Armosa Studios | 2011 August
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August 2011

31 Aug Love. Killarney, Ireland

This day was amazing. Truly. I think this is a great blog post to explain some things. Sometimes people question Wes and I about why we travel. What is it? Well, we love the adventure, the scenery, the new experience. But for us, it is...

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31 Aug The Dingle Peninsula

When planning our trip, one word we kept hearing over and over again was Dingle. Everyone said, "Are you going to Dingle?" And I can see why. This was the perfect day trip from Killarney, and such a romantic drive. It felt like I was...

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19 Aug Dublin, Ireland

We made it!!! We are officially here in Ireland! I wanted to throw a post up so you can see a few of the beautiful places we have seen thus far. I know many of you followed our European Love Affair last year, but if you...

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18 Aug River Asher Dean.

Yay! Our website it back! Sorry for the past week or so, our website was hacked. Yes, there are crazy mean people in this world. Thankfully we work with the people at Flosites who have worked hard to help us out and get us...

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