Monthly Archives: August 2011

Love. Killarney, Ireland


This day was amazing. Truly. I think this is a great blog post to explain some things. Sometimes people question Wes and I about why we travel. What is it? Well, we love the adventure, the scenery, the new experience. But for us, it is so much more than that. It is renewal. It reenergizes […]

A port city. Cork, Ireland


To be honest, there isn’t a whole ton to say about Cork. This is the first day that it rained, which we are so blessed for. Typically it is overcast/rainy most days. We have seen lots of sun, which we are so thankful for. As soon as the sun goes behind a cloud it is […]

The Dingle Peninsula


When planning our trip, one word we kept hearing over and over again was Dingle. Everyone said, “Are you going to Dingle?” And I can see why. This was the perfect day trip from Killarney, and such a romantic drive. It felt like I was driving up Highway 1, but better. We parked & hiked […]

Crystals & Lighthouses. Waterford, Ireland


I’ll be honest, when planning my trip to Ireland, Waterford really isn’t even on my map… but when my mother, who in my opinion is the epitome of class, asks when we will go and visit it, I know I must make it on the itinerary. My mom is seriously the classiest woman I know. She is in […]

The Dark Hedges, Antrim County, Ireland


There are moments in our relationship that Wes Wages gets an intuitive hunch- or maybe he just gets impatient- either way. Sometimes Wes Wages saves the day by his well, we will call it early curiosity. The Dark Hedges is a section of trees that grows in Antrim County, Ireland. It was 12 miles from […]

The Giant’s Causeway, Ireland


Ballycastle has been my favorite town we have stayed in since we have arrived. It is quaint and homey. It feels like home a little…. just the Ireland version. We were able to stay right on the water with our window over looking the bay with all of the boats. It is lovely. Plus, it […]

Galway to Ballycastle, Ireland


After the wedding, we all drove about an hour and a half north to galway. We stayed there for about 2 days, mainly resting and shopping 😉 Galway was a lovely city, but honestly, I haven’t really been inspired by the cities here. It is the driving that I love so much. I could get […]

Josh & Linley. Cliffs of Moher, Ireland


When I first started “Tera Kaylen Photography” just over 3 years ago, I remember writing the “about me” section. I remember stating that anyone willing to book me for their wedding in Ireland, or Disney World… I would shoot their wedding at no cost. Both places were a dream. At the time I guess I […]

Dublin, Ireland


We made it!!! We are officially here in Ireland! I wanted to throw a post up so you can see a few of the beautiful places we have seen thus far. I know many of you followed our European Love Affair last year, but if you didn’t you should check it out in our “categories” […]

River Asher Dean.


Yay! Our website it back! Sorry for the past week or so, our website was hacked. Yes, there are crazy mean people in this world. Thankfully we work with the people at Flosites who have worked hard to help us out and get us back going. Amazing people working for that company. But anyways enough […]

Stephanie & Will Athens, Georgia


Everyone needs a Stephanie in their life. Everyone. After corresponding with her for over a year, emails after emails, session after session, and experiencing her goodness on the most important day of her life… I learned that she is the type of person that if you met her and are able to grab her up […]

William Everett.


Meet my babies. Ok. Well, technically my sister gave birth to them, and is raising them… but secretly they are all mine! This is the first chance I have gotten to photograph the newest member of our family, William, since his newborn session. He is so stinking cute I want to eat him for lunch. […]