Monthly Archives: March 2011

Casey & Ashton. Moorseville, Alabama


In 3rd grade, Casey Stafford stood above the rest of us. He was probably a foot taller than anyone else in my class… and it stayed that way until high school. Now 15 years later, he stands next to his bride, hovering a foot taller, engulfing her tiny body in his big hands. It is […]



Hello friends & family. Life is amazing, isn’t it? It is truly wonderful how much my attitude and workflow has changed over the past two months. I look back now and realize that we really can make things happen. All we have to do is decide to do it and act it out. Act small […]

Laura & Jacob Lexington, Alabama


Laura & Jacob may be two of the most thoughtful, kind hearted, loving people on the face of this planet. How do I know this? Well, they live two doors down… but they never let the door separating us stop them from being the best neighbors on the face of he earth. There are days […]

Carlee & Jason Birmingham, Al


I have no doubt in my mind that 2011 is the best year yet. After Anna & Davis, I just wasn’t sure if the rest of the weddings would be up to par, but boy, oh, boy…. Carlee & Jason most definitely made all of my doubt subside. Sometimes I hear girlfriends talking about their […]

Eun & Jonathan Birmingham, Al


It all started at CVS (or maybe Walgreens… humm..) well, either way, that is where is started. Eun and Jonathan were both working for a pharmacy while working towards their degrees. Jonathan noticed Eun immediately… but it wasn’t so immediate for her 😉 She finally agreed to a date, and they have been head over […]



This past August our little world was blessed to meet Audrey L. And she has been a joy ever since. I love this family so much. I am honored to have been there for her birth, and now capturing the first year of her life. Oh, and she is dangerous!!!! It is not good for […]

Anna & Davis Huntsville, Alabama


She breathed it in. I watched all day as Anna breathed in her wedding, she soaked it up… touched it, smelled it. She knows the details, knows how she felt in each and every moment. It wasn’t a blur for her, it wasn’t a moment passing by. She breathed. If I could work with one […]

Sarah & William Birmingham, Al


Sarah & William have known each other for most of their lives, but something finally sparked in them along the way that opened their eyes to love. This couple is quirky and loves to have a good time. Sarah is obsessed with all things birds, and William is a die hard Saints fan. Their puppy […]