Monthly Archives: December 2011

Merry Christmas love.


Merry Christmas everyone!!! I hope you hearts are full of love & joy on this perfect day! Today we celebrate the deepest love of all. The love of our Savior! I wanted to share a snippet of my surprise gift from my love! Wes Wages contacted my favorite photographer Gabriel Ryan and asked him to [...]

And last but definitely not least.


Thank you all who have entered our month of giveaways! It has certainly been fun! I am happy to announce that with your help we were able to donate enough money for 2 water filters for Nicole’s Samaritan purse goal. I am so excited. But I will be honest. I am a little disappointed. I [...]

Winner announced… and a different kind of giveaway!


First I want to thank you all for entering the Anthropologie giveaway! I loved reading about some of the unique gifts you have received And I am excited to announce today’s winner is…. Jessica Simpson Thank for selecting comment number 10! Todays giveaway is a bit different from the last few. It is still [...]

Kathryne & Luke


  If you look up the word “classic” in the dictionary, you will see a photo of Kathryne Jensen. She is literally one of the most elegant, classy people I have ever worked with. She is timeless, and beautiful. She is the kind of lady that you pray your daughter turns out to be. And I was [...]

Courtney & Lance


There is so much I can say about this wedding. To sum it up, I will say that it is one that I will hold in my heart for a long time. Point number one. Smiling. If my mom had been sitting here while I was editing & looking at the photos, she would have [...]

The Winner Announced… and another giveaway!!!


Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen! It is time for another fantastic giveaway!!! I want to thank you all for entering… I LOVED reading your traditions… everything from Waffle House to singing with your eyes closed to dressing up as the Nativity and even a tea party! I truly loved them all, and it definitely gave me [...]

Morgan & Nick


I am going to be honest. This is one of those weddings that I had bittersweet feelings towards. Haha. Sounds wonderful right? In 2009, I had the opportunity to shoot Megan McCain & Josh Hamlin’s wedding… and I fell IN LOVE, head over heels for this family. The whole family. And I am a little [...]

And the winner is…. AND another giveaway!


Here is the video announcing the free session!!! Thank you all for entering! Wes and I are currently building our family traditions. It is so important to me that we have set things we do every year to help our kids get excited about Christmas and to show them love in a different way. My [...]

It’s a GIVEAWAY!!!!!!!!


Wes and I have been talking about doing some give-aways leading up to Christmas, and honestly, I was suppose to post one yesterday, but well…. here we are. And I think it has worked out in your favor. See I am not going to give away what I had planned yesterday. It is something I [...]


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