Armosa Studios | 2010 September
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September 2010

26 Sep Do as the Romans do Rome, Italy

One thing I have learned about this trip is that everyone I meet has their opinion. "Yes, you HAVE to do Florence, it is the most intriguing place I have ever been!" "The blue grotto sucks, I mean, it is just blue light shining up" "Hostels are terrible,...

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20 Sep Breath Siena, Italy

Cities Traveled: Madrid | Barcelona | Carcassonne | Montpellier | Lyon | Florence | Cinque Terre | Siena Days Out: 15 While on our honeymoon, Wes chose the three places to take us in Italy- Rome, Venice, and Sinaluga (in the Tuscany region). While in Sinaluga,...

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18 Sep People or Places Florence, Italy

Huge thanks to Sarah and Vincent for driving us to the train station, that couple could write a book on hospitality. Next we hoped a train from Lyon, France to Florence, Italy via Switzerland and Milan. We were excited about the train ride because we...

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14 Sep Sarah and Vincent

As little girls some of us dream of marrying a French man, we watch the movies and we decide that they are the best of the best. At least, I remember at one point wanting to marry a tall, dark, handsome man with a French...

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06 Sep Tapas & Sangria Barcelona, Spain

Cities Traveled: Madrid | Barcelona Days Out: 5 Fall in love with Barcelona. We love this city. Everything is old, every street and alley feels like you have stepped back centuries ago. Although we are in this great city with all things ancient and very Spanish, I...

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